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Richard Collett

Freelance Travel Writer and Photographer. Professional Copywriter. Travel Blogger and Travel Consultant.

Richard is a professional travel writer and photographer from the United Kingdom. His travel features have appeared in high profile international publications, including BBC Travel, Atlas Obscura, Lonely Planet, Culture Trip, The Independent and many more. He is proud to be a member of the prestigious British Guild of Travel Writers.

Richard has spent the last 5 years travelling the world in search of exciting and unusual stories. His work delves into the food, culture and history of the world’s lesser known destinations.

Richard has visited breakaway territories to report on frozen conflict zones, he’s interviewed former guerrilla fighters in El Salvador, documented the World Nomad Games in Kyrgyzstan and explored the most remote islands in the Philippines.

His personal travel blog, Travel Tramp, has been nominated for awards and attracts thousands of visitors each month.

As a copywriter Richard produces a wide range of commercial content, both travel and non-travel related. His copywriting clients include Skyscanner, Google and Indeed.


Richard's Best Travel Features

From exploring self-declared micronations to investigating why Filipinos used eggs to build churches, Richard's travel features delve into the most curious aspects of a destination. Follow the links below to read his best work, published in major publications.

Atlas Obscura

How Building Churches Out of Egg Whites Transformed Filipino Desserts

In the 16th century Spanish colonisers used egg whites to build churches across the Philippines. All those leftover egg yolks were turned into desserts, transforming the Filipino culinary scene forever.

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BBC Travel

A tiny 'nation' in outback Australia

In 1970, Leonard Casley declared the independence of the Principality of the Hutt River from Australia. Over the next few decades Prince Casley would turn his remote farm in Western Australia into a quirky micronation, handing out royal titles, granting visas to tourists and even sending consulates abroad.

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Culture Trip

The Ex-Guerrilla Fighters Saving a Forest in El Salvador that Saved their Lives

As the land heals from the 1980s civil war in El Salvador, new trees and plants have grown in the old wounds of the country’s battlefields. And the new protectors of that land are the very people who once fought there.

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Lonely Planet

Georgia is enticing adventurous digital nomads with new visa policy

Lockdowns and border closures in the midst of the coronavirus crisis have us rethinking the way that we work and travel. The small nation of Georgia hopes to capitalize on the new normal by welcoming foreign citizens to work remotely from the country.

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The Independent

Lundy Island: How a micronation turned into a wildlife haven

Lundy Island is only 3 miles long, but it’s had a turbulent history off the southwest coast of England, home to pirates, rebellious nobles, and what could be Britain’s first micronation.

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Southeast Asia Globe

Hola y Bienvenidos

The city of Zamboanga in the southern Philippines is one of the last refuges of Chabacano, a local Spanish creole that serves as a living relic of centuries of colonial rule.

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Professional Services

Let's Work Together

From freelance travel writing and photography, to commercial content creation and copywriting, Richard offers a dedicated set of professional services. Email [email protected] for more information on working together.

Travel Features and Photography

Long form travel narratives and reported travel news stories drawing on years of experience as a freelance travel journalist. Richard's travel features are character driven and photograph heavy.

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Travel Content Creation

Professionally researched travel guides, news stories and travel blog content tailored to your publication or brand. Richard has provided regular content for some of the biggest travel blogs and websites on the planet.

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Copywriting and Digital Content Creation

SEO-focused copywriting and content creation designed to boost google rankings, attract new customers and generate sales. Richard's commercial copywriting covers topics as diverse as job descriptions, industrial packaging, hotel sales and much more.

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Public Speaking

With years of travel experience to remote destinations and with over 75 countries visited, Richard is available to speak on topics related to travel, specific travel destinations, digital nomads and travel writing.

Travel Planning and Consultation

Richard is ready to help you plan your next adventure or to to expand your travel or writing business. Richard has years of travel experience and has worked with tourism boards and travel companies across the world.


Richard is available for editing projects, be it travel content or commercial content. With a degree in English Literature and Philosophy from the University of Nottingham and experience as a magazine editor, Richard is ready to perfect your copy.


Travel Blogging and Social Media

Richard's travel blog has a high DA and receives thousands of views every month from an audience primarily based in the UK, USA and Australia. His blog focuses on off the beaten track destinations around the world. Richard also has thousands of followers across social media, particularly on Facebook and Instagram.

Through blogging and social media, Richard works with tourism boards, travel companies and digital marketing agencies to promote destinations and products to his audience.

Email Richard for more information on partnerships: [email protected]

Travel Tramp

Established in 2015, Richard's adventure travel blog was the launch pad for his travel writing career. Focusing on off the beaten track destinations and adventure travel experiences, Travel Tramp attracts around 10,000 readers per month.

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Richard's Instagram handle showcases the best of his travel photography from years of travel around the world. He currently has 12,000 followers.

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With 10,000 followers, Richard's Facebook page is used to promote the best blog posts from his website, Travel Tramp, as well as unique travel content from other publications.

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Get in touch with Richard via email today to discuss opportunities to work together on travel or copywriting projects.

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